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Common toe deformities are:

Treatment for toe deformity depends on the type of

deformity and whether you get pain or not.

Treatment options are:

What does the operation involve?

It is done as a day case under general anaesthetics.

Tendon transfer and tenotomy is done if the joint is

not stiff.

If the joint is stiff, it is fused with a pin.

The pin is removed at 6 weeks.

Will my leg be in a plaster?

No. You will have a bandage to protect the wound.

The bandage is left for 2 weeks.

You will have some form of protection to the pin

if the joint is fused.

Can I walk straight away on the operated foot?

You will be heel walking for first few days and then

walk normally as pain settles.

Sometimes you may have to heel walk for 6 weeks

depending on the type of operation you had

What are the risks of operation?

  1. Infection
  2. Nerve damage
  3. Non union
  4. Recurrence of deformity