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Knee arthroscopy is a key hole operation.

The procedure is done as a day case under general


The following procedures are done by knee arthroscopy

  1. Trimming of meniscus (Menisectomy)

  1. Trimming of cartilage (Chondroplasty)

  1. Repair of meniscus

  1. Lateral release

  1. Removal of loose bodies

  1. Biopsy of joint lining membrane (synovium)

  1. As part of ACL reconstruction and patella realignment

What is meniscus?

It is a special type of cartilage inside the knee joint

which helps to distribute the weight equally around

the joint. There are 2 menisci in the knee joint.

Tear in the meniscus can cause pain, locking and

giving way.

Do you remove the whole meniscus if there is a tear?

No. I will remove just the unstable part of the


When can I walk after arthroscopy?

You will walk straight away after simple arthroscopy

unless you need micro fracture in which case you will

not walk on the operated leg for 6 weeks.

What are the risks of knee arthroscopy?

  1. Infection
  2. Painful scar
  3. Blood clots in legs and lungs (DVT and PE) - very rare
  4. Recurrent tear
  5. Persisting pain - particularly with knee cap pain
  6. CRPS (sympathetic dystrophy)
  7. Bleeding rarely after lateral release

Knee arthroscopy Knee arthroscopy
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