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What does the operation involve?

The operation is done under general anaesthetics

Will my foot be in a plaster?

Yes. You will have a plaster, which is changed to

either a weight bearing cast or boot at 2 weeks.

The cast/boot remains for 6 weeks from the day of


How long does it take to recover from operation?

Wound takes 2 weeks to heal.

Ligament heals in 6 weeks.

Will I need physiotherapy?

Yes, once the plaster is removed at 6 weeks to

improve joint movement and strength.

What are the risks of operation?

  1. Infection
  2. Nerve damage
  3. Blood clots in the legs (DVT) or lungs (PE)
  4. Stiffness of the joint
  5. Re rupture

How will you reduce the risk of infection?

You will be given antibiotics at the time of operation.

How will you reduce the risk of blood clots?

You will be given injections to thin the


Ankle stabilisation

Ankle joint becomes unstable if part or all of the

lateral ligament components are injured.

You may need x-rays and or MRI scan to assess the

degree of damage to the ligament and to assess if

there is any damage to ankle joint cartilage.

Treatment options are:

Modified Brostrom - anatomical reconstruction

Tenodesis (with peroneus brevis) - if the tissue quality

is poor