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Ankle fusion

Ankle fusion is one of the treatment options for

arthritic ankle.

Even though the ankle joint becomes stiff, you walk

better as you no longer have pain in the joint.

How do you fuse the ankle?

Majority of patients are suitable for fusion by


Some patients have severe deformity and will need

to have the joint opened to correct the deformity and

impact bone graft.

What is the advantage of having the joint fused by


As the operation is done through 2 small key hole

incisions, recovery is quicker and wound complications

are less.

Will my leg be in plaster?

Yes. Your leg will be in a plaster for about 3 months.

What are the complications of operation?

  1. Infection
  2. Nerve and arterial damage
  3. Blood clots in the legs (DVT) and lungs (PE)
  4. Non union

How will you reduce the risk of infection?

You will be given antibiotics at the time of operation.

How will you reduce the risk of blood clots?

You will be given injections to thin the


How long will I stay in the hospital/

One night