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Ankle arthroscopy is a key hole operation.

The procedure is done as a day case under general


The following procedures are done by ankle


  1. Removal of loose bodies

  1. Biopsy of the joint lining (synovium)

  1. Removal of bone spurs from front of ankle joint

(Footballer’s ankle)

  1. Micro fracture (for cartilage defect)

  1. Ankle joint fusion

What is foot baller’s ankle?

It is condition commonly seen in foot ballers.

It is due to bone formation in front of the ankle joint

Which limits the movement

What does the operation involve?

I will remove the bone spurs through arthroscopy in

most cases. Rarely if the bone spurs are large, I will

have to open the joint to remove the spurs.

When can I walk after arthroscopy?

You will walk straight away after simple arthroscopy

unless you need micro fracture in which case you will

not walk on the operated leg for 6 weeks.

What are the risks of ankle arthroscopy?

  1. Infection
  2. Painful scar
  3. Blood clots in legs and lungs (DVT and PE) - very rare
  4. CRPS (sympathetic dystrophy)