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Treatment options for Achilles tendon rupture

Non operative treatment is suitable if

Advantages of operative treatment

Disadvantages of operative treatment

Type of operation

Simple repair is done for recent injury

(less than 3 weeks)

For old injury beyond 3 weeks, reconstruction by

V-Y plasty is done.

How long will my leg be in plaster?

Your leg will be in a below knee plaster slab for

2 weeks.

This plaster will be changed either to a non weight

bearing cast or an ankle boot.

The leg will be immobilised for a period between

6 to 9 weeks.

Do I need any treatment to prevent blood clot?

Yes. The risk of blood clot is slightly higher after

Achilles tendon surgery. You will be given injections

to prevent blood clots.

Do I need physiotherapy?

Yes. You will have the physiotherapy after removing

the plaster to improve the strength and movements

of ankle.

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